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When you establish a trust, you create a legal entity to deal with a particular aspect of your financial affairs. At Brotherhood Bank, our trust officers will work closely with you—along with your relatives or any co-trustees—to examine all of your trust options. We will create a solution that is fully compliant with all regulations and objectively follows your instructions.


  • testamentary trusts

    Testamentary Trusts

    A testamentary trust is created according to the terms of a person’s will.

    • Pays income
    • Offers tax savings potential
    • Principal is safely invested

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  • living trusts

    Living Trusts

    With a living trust, you have the flexibility to accomplish many objectives, delegating as much investment responsibility as you wish.

    • Proper transfer of assets
    • Protection and safekeeping of your trust assets
    • Efficient recordkeeping, performance tracking and more

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