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Social Security


Through an in-depth software analysis, an advisor at Barber Financial Group will examine hundreds of possibilities to find the best age and election strategy combination to maximize your expected lifetime benefit. One decision can impact your retirement by tens of thousands of dollars. Choosing the right Social Security election may be the most important decision of your retirement.


Consider this case study:


A 62-year-old couple with one above-average earner with a Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) of $1,800 and a lesser earning spouse with a PIA of $1,000, who both live to average life expectancy, could lose over $60,000 in family benefits by making the worst possible decision of when to take Social Security.


  • If they both elect at age 62, they could be losing over $50,000.
  • If they both elect at age 66, this couple could still be leaving $30,000 on the table.
  • Simply delaying benefits isn’t the answer either. If they both delay to 70, they could be losing over $40,000.


With our rich analysis of hundreds of possibilities, you can avoid leaving money on the table. When you enroll in our Family Benefit Analysis, you’ll receive a customized report including:


  • Projected outcomes for best/worst/common election choices
  • “Map” of expected outcomes for each election age combination
  • The Switch StrategiesTM solution that could further optimize your Social Security income

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