Personal Card Services


Brotherhood Bank will do whatever it takes to help access the spending power you need. We offer both a Visa® debit card and the Brotherhood Bank & Trust Visa® credit card for flexible purchasing power whether you’re shopping online or at one of millions of locations worldwide.


  • debit card

    Visa® Debit Card

    This flexible card is both an ATM card and a Visa debit card, deducting the purchases made with the card automatically from your checking account.

    • Use for all ATM transactions
    • Pay instantly—online or in person
    • Superior security and fraud protection

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  • visa credit card

    Visa® Credit Card

    This card gives you a flexible payment option for all your purchases..

    • Travel Accident Insurance
    • Travel reservation and bonus dividends
    • Discounts and special services available

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  • epay card

    ePay Card

    Now you have access to a flexible spending card without having to link it to a checking account. You can only spend money you load on the card, giving you greater control.

    • Use it anywhere Visa® is accepted
    • Pay bills online
    • Withdraw cash at an ATM

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