Personal Checking


Your checking account is where it all begins—the building block of your personal banking relationship. At Brotherhood Bank, you can start with a basic checking account or choose one that earns interest and adds a few more perks. Our checking accounts are enhanced with online banking with bill pay and mobile banking, plus the convenience and flexibility of our mighty Brotherhood Bank debit card. 


  • personal rewards checking

    Personal Rewards Checking- PERC

    If you want an interest-earning checking account that packs in plenty of benefits, this one is for you.

    • Earn interest on your checking balance
    • Free Brotherhood Bank debit card
    • Mobile Banking

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  • regular checking

    Regular Checking

    With this basic account, it takes a deposit of only $100 to get started.

    • Free Brotherhood Bank debit card
    • Detailed monthly statements

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  • tiered plus checking

    Tiered-Plus Checking

    This account offers the highest interest-earning potential of all of our checking accounts.

    • Earn higher interest rates with higher balances
    • Free Brotherhood Bank debit card

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